Mountain Air and Ocean Blood

I won’t lie. I miss the Jersey Shore. I grew up on its shores, played in its marshes, swam in its waves while the sun set over the Great Egg Harbor Bay. My Great Grandparents on my father’s and mother’s side crossed the Atlantic Ocean in the early 1900’s from Europe and settled in Atlantic City NJ, starting entertainment and hospitality businesses in the roaring 20’s. Later in my life I moved inland and grew to love the endless Pinelands with its mysterious dark brown tea-like rivers and lakes. But I was always an hour away from my beloved Ocean City, and my Corson’s Inlet in Strathmere where I kayak, and my crabbing and fishing spots in Seaville NJ.

But we all know life just has a way of taking you on destinations that were not in your book of plans. Like a Jersey Shore rip current, I have been tugged off course and deposited to ….the mountains?

I’m a shore girl…I wanted to end up in Florida listening to the Palm trees at night whispering away in that tropical wind. But I took a detour while on a mission to learn homesteading skills and finding out how Natural Law works when you mix it with living closer to the land. Now I am traversing through mountain trails and hearing loud waterfalls as I settle into life here in the Blue Ridge Mountains…

The Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina: I am spellbound by the breathtaking views as I am powering through invigorating rocky hikes in ancient forests while inhaling amazing deep wood smells.

I moved here in 2019 right before the “pandemic” debacle. And I call it a debacle because above all things in my life, I am a Truth seeker. This article won’t be about the “pandemic.” That might be another time. I am not going to waste my precious time and breath on the mind games the psychopaths who run this world play with us so that humans are always divided and never truly free.

But I digress.

I moved here because that is what life does to you sometimes. You find something while exploring life, and you stumble upon a new reality and it alters your course. And in 2013 I happened to stumble upon and meet a modern day John Muir—the naturalist Eustace Conway. As a result I got to learn about his Turtle Island Preserve project near Boone. A series of events propelled me to move down here to the South, to the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina and settle in a town called Blowing Rock.

I am minuets away from this Homesteading and Educational project called Turtle Island Preserve that was 40 years in the making. I hope you find the journals and videos I am in the process of creating interesting and informative. I am so happy to be a part of this team, focusing on teaching children and adults the beauty of our Earth, and how we could really have the best of both worlds. I love technology and I love Mother Earth. I am convinced we can fuse them together to have an amazing time on this Planet.

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