Spiritual Flow

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

As a young woman around 14,  I remember feeling  a wave of spirituality pass through me unannounced when gazing upon the creations that made up my local  Natural world.  That feeling of Spiritual wonderment felt like whispers from God and would overflow inside of me when I studied the night sky and brilliant stars.  God was there on treks through  the peaceful  Jersey Pinelands in Winter as the path  opened up to a  frozen pond with the sun reflecting off the mirrored surface,  and I would be filled with a strong appreciative love, as if I just opened a door to Heaven and I was being called to go inside.

  Life has a way of keeping you distracted and busy while worrying about the future– instead of just living in the NOW.   That Joyful Angel of wonderment  is a little more elusive to me now that life has gotten in the way.  Is that God’s way to teach us as we grow old to not get so caught up in wasteful empty endeavors? I believe so, and that is why I keep reminding myself to slow down, don’t take anything for granted AND take care of my body and mind so I can happily find the energy and good health that  can  keep me in the wilderness even in my senior years. Therefore, I purposely live as close to the Natural world as possible. I make sure my life has scheduled outings and journeys that take me on hikes and adventures that keep me close to the land, feeling the earth and loving her while looking  up at the stars and sky trying to tap into that ethereal joy once more.
Anyone who studies healthy lifestyles knows that food is our medicine. I eat as wholesome as possible, I thank God I have access to the most amazing organic supplements on the Planet from a company called “Nutrilite.”  I know beyond doubt I have good health and healing because of my lifestyle and the science behind  Nutrilite. It’s why I  became an Independent business owner in the company. Remember that our Universe and the beauty within  was formed out of love for you and me.  That the ONE who created it loves you and gave you life and Holiness only so you could be happy,  Really Happy.  Sharing the awesomeness of Life was the reason God created the Universe and living beings in the first place. It’s no fun being alone with such treasures.  So here we are.  Let’s get us some of that Good Spirit which results in that good energy.  I firmly believe it’s our responsibility to take care of the miraculous body and mind God gave us.  This site will focus on the bounties and gorgeous gifts of Mother Earth, and how lifestyles and healthy choices will produce an over abundance of health and happiness. It’s actually our God given Right to pursue happiness–and great Health is the key to that Joy. Here on this site I will share journeys, adventures and products that can enable you to have your own amazing Journey called Life. It’s time to feel that Force of the Spirit and voice of the Eternal within the beautiful bodies we have been given.
Look for videos about the Adventures I take with friends and family and the healthy foods and products we use to keep our quality of life amazing.

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