Florida Days

I headed south to Florida a couple of weeks ago.  I want to fulfill my dream of monetizing my  Adventure club “Earth Cruisers” and plan to form and register it here in Florida.  My outdoor club of the same name was formed in the Pine Barrens of NJ –and I still plan to trek and enjoy outdoor meetups there.  But to monetize and create an entity that will allow me to  take people on Adventures all around the country will be better served here where its more business friendly.  NJ is just not a great state to do business in.  I love the beauty of NJ, and will continue to plan adventures there and enjoy the forests, shore and waterways… but doing business in NJ is not a good option.

Operating a business as well as living with more liberty  is better found down here in the Sunshine state.  And so my winter will be spent planning for the success of  the Adventure organization of my dreams.  Eventually I will be in NJ for some summer fun.   I am in no rush.  I want to do my homework and make sure all planets align for this to be a nice company that blesses all who become involved as team members and those who hire us to take them on rewarding journeys.  I have a few friends that I plan to ask to join my team.  If any one reading this would like to share ideas, or wish to join me in this venture…feel free to email me or message me.

Great companies are made up of great people.  It’s never because of one person…it’s the mission that beats in the heart of the team that makes the dream a success.

In the mean time…here are some pics of the places I have visited so far.

Top to Right: The beach at Marine Land.  The creek at Princess Park Preserve in Flagler County.  Beneath is the lovely trail at Favor-Dykes State Park.

Bottom Left:  The bridge at Princess Park Preserve

Bottom right :  A palm tree along the creek at Princess Park preserve.

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